The Spotflux Client shows "Waiting for Service" and never connects

The "Waiting for Service" status indicates that the Spotflux Agent is unable to contact the Spotflux Connection Manager on your local machine. The Spotflux Connection Manager is responsible for establishing the connection to our servers.

If you see this message, please check that the Connection Manager is running:

  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Type "services" in the search box
  3. When the result appear, select "View local services"
  4. Look for the service with the name "Spotflux Connection Manager"
  5. Check that the service has the status "Started". If not select it and click the "Start/Play" button to start it.
  6. If the service is started and you still cannot connect, try Restarting it.
  7. Make sure the service has the startup type "Automatic". Right click and select Properties to change this if not.

If this does not help, we can recommend checking your virus protection software for alerts relating to Spotflux. We're aware of false positives on one of our dlls, resulting in that file being deleted. If this is the case, you can set an exception for the Spotflux program dir (C:\Program Files (x86)\Spotflux or C:\Program Files\Spotflux) and reinstall to restore the missing file.

Should you continue to have trouble, please send a report using the "Report a Problem" tool.

Dave Safley

Technology King Pin ;) 

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